Just Add Water
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Why Tukie's?

When we first set out to make our own homemade laundry detergent we thought it would be difficult and time consuming – turns out it’s neither. Making your own laundry soap is fast, easy, and inexpensive.

And now, years after making our first batch, thousands of others have tried it and loved the results.

This laundry soap requires just a few simple steps and takes only a few minutes to make:

Note: This soap/detergent works in all HE washers; read more below.

Each batch yields 128 ounces (one gallon).

High Efficiency (HE) Washers

HE washers require “special soap” for one reason alone – low suds. Because they use less water, they require soap that is less sudsy. The good news is this homemade laundry soap has VERY low suds. The “special” HE detergent is just another advertising mechanism to push consumers to buy “special soap” for unnecessarily high prices.

Regardless of your washer type, just make your own in confidence.

Just Add Water!

Tukie's DIY Do-It-Yourself Laundry Soap Kits; Makes 128 oz. (One Gallon) - JUST ADD WATER!

Just Add Water DropTukie's Do-It-Yourself Laundry Soap Kits will save you tons of money every year!

Each packet makes 128 oz. - that's one FULL GALLON!

Why pay expensive store prices when you can make it yourself?

Store prices are high because you are paying to ship water. With Tukie's Laundry Soap Kit, you add your own water. It's just that easy!

Fresh. Soft. Simple. AND, it smells fabulous! Give it a try... it's a win-win!

Tired of lugging big jugs of laundry soap to and from the market? Then don't. Tukie's DIY Laundry Soap Kit weighs only 4.5 ounces. Add your own water at home. Boom... Problem solved!

Easy-to-follow instructions... takes less than 5 minutes.

dirty clothes in a hamperWorks great as a treatment to stains before laundering!

Ships same day standard USPS shipping from Indiana. 

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This kit makes a practical, one-of-a-kind, classy gift!


Laundry Detergent is an easy switch from store bought to homemade, and DIY alternatives are often just as effective and much less expensive.

Tukie's Laundry Soap is Toxin Free

non toxicFirst of all, it’s important to know why you should STOP buying laundry detergent and START making it…

Most store-bought laundry detergent is toxic for your health and the environment. Plain and simple.

Your laundry room is said to be the most toxic room in your home, and for good reason. Laundry detergent contains many toxins and carcinogens that can be absorbed into your skin just by wearing your clothes, or breathing in the “fresh” laundry air. 

To help put this more in perspective, here are a few stats on the staggering amounts of laundry washed and detergent used…

As with all household cleaning products and detergents, please keep out of reach of children and pets.